October 30, 2014

The Cat Whisperer

Today the RNIB are selling books in the lobby to raise funds. There was a strange and varied selection, however I avoided the management books, and went straight to “The Cat Whisperer”.  On returning to the office, I wondered what this choice said about me?

Rather than trying to psychoanalyse my choice, (and yes, I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady) I believe it simply reflects my learning style. As an activist, I learn by doing, rather than reading, hence why the management books were avoided. I probably won’t even read this book, as I was really just wanting to give a donation, but I have looked at the pictures!

So why mention this here? Well, it’s critical, if you want to develop your people, to understand how they will learn in the most effective way. Much time, money and effort has been expended training  in the wrong way, and then we wonder why we didn’t get the right result.

Understand your delegates before delivering learning, and you are more likely to succeed and effect the change in behaviour you require.


Tags: training

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