August 22, 2014

Deadline Approaching for Refresher

For personal licence holders whose licence is dated the 1st Sept 2009 the deadline for completing the mandatory refresher training is the 31st August 2014. There has been some confusion over a 3 month extension to this, but as the law stands, anyone whose licence is dated 1/9/09 and fails to undertake and pass the SCPLHR by the 31st August will have their personal licence revoked.

No ifs, no buts

The issue of a three month extension is that you have until the 30th Nov 2014 to submit your evidence of top up training to your licensing board. And different licensing boards are requiring different things, so please check this out to ensure you follow your board's process.

The deadline is fast approaching, and available courses are running out. We do have some places left on courses next week, but places are limited, so please contact us as a matter of urgency if you need your SCPLHR.


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